Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Is to provide a safe place for children to be while parents are at work. Provide a place where children will be able to learn foundation skills. Provide a place where children will be able to participate in a wide range of activities and develop their full potential. To introduce the child to the joys of learning through play. To channelize the child's energy through academic activities.

Our Mission

Is to bring a remarkable change in pre-school scenario by providing students an enthusiastic learning environment focused on discovering the inherent potential of kids, kindling the fire of learning and cultivate a culture of innovation making them educationally & socially flourishing. Ensuring smooth physical, mental and emotionally development in children and acquisition of positive habits ad confidence.

Our Team

P A Deepak Kumar

He is an inspiration to us all in introducing new courses / technology / disciple / whatever into the school, encouraging excellence and new programmes in student activities, and truly bringing HPS into prominence in the city. He is a role model and backbone of the institution. He is proactive, helping, and a good human who nurture the moral values in staff as well as students.

Swathi Deepak Kumar
M. Sc (Bits Pilani-Pune)
Director & Principal / Academic Head

Profoundly qualified, and dedicated. She is an effective leader and exceptionally responsible and dedicated towards her duties. Her innovative ideas and thoughts are very effective and useful towards maintaining and delivering the quality of education. She is a good team player and self-disciplined.

P Bhavani Ashok Kumar
Administrative Director (Vice – Principal)

She is the Administrative Director and manages the administrative staff, guiding operating methods, disbursing funds to departments, monitoring budgets, improving information systems, overseeing human resources requirements, analyzing financial data etc. She proactively communicates with staff members, students, as well as parents to ensure the HPS Kids school environment is safe and holistic. A very hardworking and reliable.

Dasari Mary Grace
Nursery Teacher

30+ years of experience in teaching. Hard working and committed towards her duty. Proactive and self-reliable. Well versed in Montessori methods of teaching.

Dhanalakota Swathi
(BA, M.com PPTTC)
PP1(LKG) Teacher

Work oriented, hard working. Punctual & responsible towards her duties.

Kusi Saritha (B A)
Supporting Teacher

2+ years of experience in handling the toddlers. Takes good care of playgroup and day care children. Feeds the children and keep them clean and hygienic.

P. Ashwini (B.CoM)
Grade I Teacher

6+ years of experience in teaching at play school. Dedicated, hardworking and committed.

B S Kalyani (B. Com)
Admin Section

Experienced and well-versed in dealing with student data and other administrative services required in school.

Renold Regan
Admin Section

Experienced and well-versed in dealing with student data and other administrative services required in school